Intermodal and Rail Terminals

ACFS are committed to providing best in class access to Rail services.  We have partnered with industry leaders Linx and Pacific National in order to broaden our scope and further develop our assets with state of the art infrastructure.  Our ability to utilise rail assets provides us with the agility and flexibility to create bespoke solutions for our customers.

In August 2016, ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) acquired Appleton Rail Terminal (“On Port”) in Melbourne. Appleton is the largest volume container rail terminal in Victoria, connecting regional exporters across Victoria and Southern NSW to the Port of Melbourne. It handles over 100,000 TEU per annum, of Australian grown / made exports. ACFS has progressively been making changes to the supply chain in collaboration with the Port of Melbourne, and aligned shipping lines in reducing costs for exporters, whilst also improving the supply chain process.

In June 2019, ACFS developed e-Rail, Melbourne’s first Empty Container Park with a rail interface. This development has eliminated the need to collect Empty Containers by road from parks across Melbourne, significantly reducing container transport costs for Exporters by eliminating an entire transport leg.

ACFS is about to commence the next phase of expansion to this terminal, with the development of an additional 16,000sqm of recently acquired land from the Port of Melbourne, which will also result in the lengthening of the rail tracks to accommodate 1.8km trains (split onto two sidings only), further improving the productivity and costs of our rail providers.

We look forward to increasing the number of rail services, as we support rural Australia to the world with an end goal of supporting all shipping lines onsite at ACFS e-Rail to reduce the cost of exports further.

Our Shipping Line partners, with a presence at ACFS e-Rail are:

The terminal is open to external rail operators and customers in accordance with the attached open access protocols. These can be downloaded using the following links:

  1. ACFS Available Windows
  2. ACFS Reference Services and Reference Pricing
  3. ACFS Standard Access Agreement
  4. ACFS Terminal Operations Protocol
  5. ACFS Terminal Access Arrangement

For enquiries regarding access to ACFS Appleton Rail Terminal please contact:

  • Akshay Hingorani
  • (02) 8484 6294
  • and/or