The LCL Division well known as PUD (pickup and delivery) caters to a diverse range of clients, from MNC to local businesses, each seeking to utilise the highly trained and experienced staff that operate the niche division of ACFS.

Operating a specialised fleet, LCL focuses its operations to both import and export, to ensure a seamless process. Enabling clients the ability to custom design their requirements, as to best increase operational efficiency and maximise cost reduction.

With a 24 hour 7 day a week operation, the LCL Division manages each client’s needs and expectations, to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved at every stage of the process. Irrespective of volume the ACFS LCL Division, will ensure each client is satisfied and confident that their cargo will arrive safe and sound at its destination.

To complement the operational excellence of the ACFS LCL Division, ACFS provides the service of 3PL Logistics, and LCL (Loose Cargo Logistics). Each division characteristically boasts state of the art technology with advanced fleet management, maximising productivity and efficiency.

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