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ACFS and FTA combine to deliver South Australian stink bug solutions

Following the success of recent events hosted in Fremantle, ACFS Port Logistics and peak industry body, Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA), are expanding coverage to support the South Australian import sector in the lead up to the Brown marmorated stink bug season (BMSB) commencing 1 September 2019.

The previous 2018–19 BMSB season stretched Australia’s border biosecurity system close to breaking point and had severe impacts on sections of the shipping and importing industries.

In response and as a part of a national education campaign, Andrew Crawford (Head of Border and Biosecurity – FTA) will lead a technical session focused on operational requirements to mitigate the risk of BMSB incursion through treatment options, increased utilisation of the 19.2. Automatic Entry Processing for Commodities (AEPCOMM) Approved Arrangements and new “safeguarding arrangement” options.

Importantly, the session will also help industry navigate their way through revised policy pertaining to LCL / FAK consignments.

Mr Crawford said that the session will address what industry should be doing now in the lead up to the new season “It is essential that importers, customs brokers, freight forwarders and master consolidators have a thorough understanding of policy changes, examine compliance options and establish commercial arrangements with key suppliers onshore and abroad –planning is essential to avoid ongoing lengthy clearance delays and high detention costs”.

Arthur Tzaneros, Managing Director & CEO, ACFS Port Logistics stated that the forum will demonstrate current capabilities and longer term initiatives “We look forward to partnering with FTA and ongoing engagement with the South Australian trade sector to meet immediate operational needs and to be in a position to best support the industry in the years ahead.”

Registration details are available


Will Gouda, General Manager, Key Accounts, ACFS Port Logistics
Phone 02 8848 7505 email

Caroline Zalai, Director, Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA)
Phone 02 9975 1878 email



Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) is Australia’s leading representative body for the international supply chain sector bringing together importers, exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers and industry groups. FTA also manages the Secretariat for the Australian Peak Shippers’ Association (APSA) being the peak body as designated by the Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Transport to protect the interests of Australia’s cargo owners and shippers in respect to shipping and international logistics services.



ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) is the largest privately-owned Container Logistics operator in Australia, moving over 1.2m TEU annually, and employs in excess of 1,200+ staff nationally. ACFS’s container freight station activities are underpinned by extensive knowledge and experience across the warehousing, transport and freight sectors. This has helped build a comprehensive portfolio of facilities and clientele in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle.

ACFS pilots smart technology to manage fatigue

ACFS Port Logistics is using smart technology to manage and measure fatigue within its fleet.  As part of a 12-month pilot spearheaded by Port of Brisbane and the Queensland Trucking Association, ACFS will install new SmartCap technology as part of a the Heavy Vehicle Safety Around Ports project.

SmartCap is a wearable technology that measures fatigue; it is a headband mounted into a cap that measures changes in a person’s electroencephalogram – or electrical activity in the brain, and provides measurements of alertness in real time to operators and drivers.

ACFS CEO, Arthur Tzaneros, said participating in this pilot is testament to the organisations commitment in helping make Brisbane Ports safe.  “Road and driver safety has always been a major focus for ACFS, utilising smart technology to measure and manage fatigue is a progressive and ingenious way forward,” said Mr Tzaneros.

ACFS will continue to work with the Port of Brisbane, Queensland Trucking Association and the National Heavy Vehicle Register to understand the impact SmartCap will bring to the industry.

“We see the utilisation of intelligent software becoming a greater focus across our business, as Australia’s largest privately owned container logistics operator in Australia, the early adoption of technology will play an important role in setting the benchmark for safety and operational management, “ said Mr Tzaneros.

ACFS Port Logistics moves over 750,000 TEU of fully laden containers annually across its national facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

With a focus on maximising its transport, ACFS Port Logistics runs in excess of 300 vehicles which include high performance vehicles, all transport modes aim to maximise delivery efficiencies across weight, cube and/or TEU.

Employing over 1,200 people and growing each year, ACFS Port Logistics offers the only 24 hour Empty Park facilities, ensuring customers speed to de-hire and minimise any cost impact associated with late de-hires.

ACFS Port Logistics joins LINX Intermodal Terminal at Enfield

LINX Cargo Care Group announced today that ACFS Port Logistics will join LINX as the Empty Container Park operator at the LINX Intermodal Terminal at Enfield in Western Sydney.

LINX is an experienced intermodal terminal operator offering road and rail services connecting regional Australia to the country’s major metro and regional export ports. Since taking over the lease in February this year to operate the NSW Ports-owned intermodal terminal at Enfield, LINX has been building its rail business and attracting new customers to Enfield’s dedicated Port Botany shuttle service.

The LINX Intermodal Terminal is located 18 kilometres from Port Botany and is close to Sydney’s major M4 and M5 motorways. With a dedicated freight line to Port Botany and direct access to the interstate mainline corridor, LINX offers exporters and importers seamless and efficient supply chain solutions in regional NSW and Western Sydney.

ACFS is the largest privately-owned container logistics operator in Australia and brings a strong customer base consisting of Australia’s largest blue-chip importers and exporters to the LINX Intermodal Terminal. ACFS business operations are underpinned by extensive knowledge and experience across the Transport, Depots, Warehousing and Empty Container Park sectors. ACFS moves over 750,000 TEU (Fully Laden) annually and employs more than 1200 people nationally.

Anthony Jones, LINX Cargo Care Group CEO welcomes ACFS to the LINX Intermodal Terminal and acknowledges their shared vision for an Empty Container Park at Enfield which will bring value and benefits for importers and exporters.

“ACFS will provide empty container park services to import and export customers, offering empty container handling, storage, wash, repairs, surveys and upgrades. Our combined expertise will offer a one-stop-shop for importers and exporters and a streamlined, complete experience.

“For exporters, the empty container park at the LINX Intermodal Terminal will provide access to containers certified for return to regional areas for export packing. For importers, the park will largely remove the need to return empty containers to Port Botany and surrounding area container parks, removing traffic congestion and delays in the supply chain,” said Anthony.

The LINX Intermodal Terminal at Enfield is strategically positioned to service the main import freight catchments in North West, Western and Inner West areas of Sydney, as well as all the rural export catchment trains, thanks to its location on the intersection of all rural and metro lines.

ACFS CEO Arthur Tzaneros said ACFS is continually striving to develop its national container logistics operations, and to provide the best end-to-end supply chain solutions for customers.

“We are extremely excited by the opportunity to work with LINX to expand our empty container depot network which connects with rail, for the benefit of importers and exporters. This provides the Sydney network with much needed additional capacity,” said Arthur.

NSW Ports CEO Marika Calfas said one of NSW Ports’ key objectives is increasing container volumes moved by rail to and from Port Botany, Australia’s premier port.

“Our site at Enfield is the largest dedicated rail based integrated logistics facility in NSW. It is an inland extension of Port Botany and a vital part of the State’s infrastructure. The dedicated rail line to Port Botany and increased trade brought by LINX and ACFS will help NSW Ports achieve our goal of growing the number of containers moved by rail. This in turn reduces truck kilometres on Sydney’s roads. Rail transport to and from Enfield is more efficient for importers and exporters and reduces congestion on our roads,” Marika said.

LINX’s plans for the Enfield Intermodal Terminal is directly aligned to the NSW Government and Transport for NSW’s Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023 of moving more import/export volume to Port Botany by rail to reduce road congestion on Sydney roads.

“Today’s announcement is an exciting step forward in taking freight off roads and moving it by rail from the port to the major freight precinct in Sydney’s west. This bold move will add 10% of freight to rail and reduce truck movements by 20,000 per annum, in the first year alone. The benefits for the community are equally as important with the reduction of traffic congestion, heavy vehicle noise and transport greenhouse omissions. At LINX, we are focused on driving efficiency, connectivity and access, which is a priority for the supply chain and logistics industry, NSW Government and local communities,” Anthony said.

About LINX Cargo Care Group

LINX Cargo Care Group brings together the capabilities of four market-leading operations built on over 100 years of port and logistics experience. Together, LINX, Autocare, C3 and Geelong Port employs more than 3,800 highly-skilled professionals in 60 sites across Australia and New Zealand. The Group services a diverse range of industries right across the region, from Agriculture, oil and gas, aluminium and automotive to marine, mining and resources, food and beverage and forestry. Every year, the LINX Cargo Care group of companies handles more than 11 million tonnes of bulk products, almost 2 million tonnes of steel and more than 30 million logs. They also transport more than 1 million new vehicles across Australia from shore to door and process more than 500,000 vehicles for many of the region’s largest fleet operators. Owned by global alternative asset manager Brookfield and its investment partners (GIC, bcIMC, QIA), LINX Cargo Care Group has the regional capabilities and global connections to develop innovative, integrated supply chain solutions with sustainable growth opportunities. See LINX Cargo Care Group’s website.

About Brookfield Asset Management

Brookfield is a leading global infrastructure company with over 100 years of owning and operating assets with a focus on property, renewable power, infrastructure and private equity across North and South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Brookfield owns and operates a portfolio of mixed-use terminals handling over 170 million tonnes of cargo per annum, and an integrated logistics provider, which collectively comprise three landlord ports and logistics operations across Australia, US, Brazil and Europe.

About ACFS

ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) was founded by Terry and Arthur Tzaneros in December 2005, with the vision to create one of Australia’s premier warehousing, transport and freight logistics companies. Since its inception, the company has built a strong customer base consisting of some of Australia’s largest blue-chip Importers and Exporters. ACFS is the largest privately-owned Container Logistics operator in Australia, moving over 1.2m TEU annually (Full and empty), and employs in excess of 1,200+ staff nationally. ACFS’s container freight station activities are underpinned by extensive knowledge and experience across the warehousing, transport and freight sectors. This has helped build a comprehensive portfolio of facilities and clientele in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, with further expansion into Fremantle by July 2015. Facilities are strategically located in port locations in order to maximise quick and efficient utilisation of the wharf, with western facilities in Sydney and Melbourne strategically utilised to compliment the diverse clientele base across the metropolitan areas

Contact for further information:
Kate Carulli
Head of Media, Marketing & Sponsorship
+61 458 458 863 or

ACFS raises the e-commerce bar with its new facility in Eastern Creek.

Calibre Estate in Eastern Creek will be the new location of ACFS’ new e-commerce & 3PL facility.  ACFS Port Logistics on behalf of its subsidiary ACFS e-Solutions has signed a deal with Mirvac for the new Warehouse in Eastern Creek.

With a vision to meet the growing and complex demands of Australia’s e-commerce business, ACFS e-Solutions will transform this warehouse into a technology hub that will drive efficiency and speed to market.  General Manager ACFS e-Solutions, Natalie Wallace says “we are delighted to develop a Western Sydney hub in Eastern Creek that optimises solutions for customers in a fast, efficient and dynamic form.”

The 20,680sqm warehouse strategically located in Sydney’s growing logistics mecca, will have five docks, substantial office space and allow for the unpack / pack of approx. 100 TEU+ on a per day basis, in addition to having capacity for 800 TEU of container rated hardstand. “It is the right facility that compliments ACFS’ vertically integrated businesses, from road, rail, warehouse to e-commerce solutions. ACFS is removing the risk from doing business in a complex e-commerce environment,” said Arthur Tzaneros, CEO ACFS Port Logistics.

The future site which will be ready for operations in February 2019, is the critical link in meeting the demands of Sydney’s growing e-commerce and transport requirements; it will drive speed to market, allow for greater flexibility and enable customers to think dynamically when considering e-commerce and 3PL Logistics.

ACFS e-Solutions is a business unit within ACFS Port Logistics, a wholly owned Australian company that is continually striving for excellence.  Privately owned, ACFS Port Logistics has facilities located at all major Ports across the Eastern Seaboard, Adelaide and Perth.  Providing the Australian market with transport / rail, depot, warehousing, and empty park solutions.

A multi-modal service provider to industry, Mr.Tzaneros says “ACFS e-Solutions compliments the variety of service provisions to market, and this new site gives customers confidence and closes the loop for distribution and customer excellence.”

“It is our job to remove the risk and complexity with doing business in an e-commerce world, with the added benefit of a multi-modal transport network; our customers now have a one stop shop for e-commerce, warehousing, transport and rail,” says Mr Tzaneros.


ACFS Port Logistics is Australia’s largest privately owned container logistics company, moving over 750,000 TEU of fully laden containers annually across its national facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

With a focus on maximising its Logistic solutions, ACFS Port Logistics runs in excess of 300 Trucks, and 1,200 Trailers which include higher productivity vehicles. All transport modes aim to maximise delivery efficiencies across the ACFS “3 pillar policy” maximising TEU, weight, & cube.

Employing over 1,200 people and growing each year, ACFS Port Logistics offers 24 hour Empty Park facilities supporting shipping lines, delivering an end to end solution.

Media Enquiries:  Lina Goodman, 0409 027 216

ACFS to connect export empties with Rail on Melbourne Port

ACFS Port Logistics (ACFS) announce the opening of a new Empty Container Depot that will be integrated with the ACFS Appleton Rail Intermodal terminal, which will be operational from the 3rd September 2018 branded ACFS e-Rail.

ACFS e- Rail will provide a full empty depot offering for shipping lines, including food quality upgrades, M&R services, focusing on volumes for export customers in Regional VIC and NSW. The 24hr / 5 day week e-Rail (Empty Depot) facility will also provide local carriers with improved access for the dehire of empty containers, in line with other ACFS empty depot operations.

This innovative new service allows rail customers a supply of Food Quality and or general purpose containers directly on site at the rail, eliminating the additional cost of empty cartage collection from 3rd party empty parks that currently incur exporters an additional cost in the supply chain.

“ACFS aligned shipping lines have welcomed the development, as it provides a better cost outcome, as well as a strategic advantage for our export customers, whilst also providing flexibility to our rail customers by having containers easily accessible to rail, without the heavy reliance on transport and or outside parks being open for the availability of empties” states ACFS CEO Arthur Tzaneros.

In a world of rising costs, ACFS has invested in our customer’s future by reducing the cost of exporting through the Port of Melbourne.

Jim Cooper, Executive General Manager Commercial of The Port of Melbourne “welcomes the initiative taken by ACFS in continuing to explore and provide more efficient and cost competitive export solutions for Port users”.

“By working together we can plan for and develop port capacity and supply chain efficiencies that enhance the competitive position of the Port of Melbourne.”

ACFS is Australia’s largest privately owned container logistics operator, committed to supporting our customers in Regional area’s including Western Victoria, the Sunraysia, the Riverina and Central Victoria.

The ACFS rail terminal services trains up to 1.5km long from regional Victoria and beyond.  Managing in excess of 140,000 TEU per annum our regional rail customers are supported by ACFS’ 24/7 road fleet and our superior wharf technology systems, keeping customers informed at every step of the way.

Industrial Action – Patrick Container Terminals – East Swanson

Dear ACFS Customer


Please be aware of pending industrial action at Patrick Container Terminals.


East Swanson Terminal industrial action commenced 7am Thursday 21/4/2016 and will end 23/4/2016 at 7am.


East Swanson will again commence industrial action7am Thursday 28/4/2017 and will end Saturday 30/4/2016 at 7am.


ACFS will plan to clear all available containers prior to industrial action and will work through weekends to evacuate containers as they become available to ensure our customers are serviced in the most effective manner.


Patrick management continue to make every effort to avoid further industrial action and will keep information flowing during this time.


We will give our customers updates as negotiations to avoid disruption continue.


Thanking you in advance for your patience during this time.




Dear customers

Please be aware Patrick Terminal Port Botany will suffer industrial action today and tomorrow where the terminal will remain closed for this period.

ACFS has cleared all available containers prior to the stoppage.

Patrick have arranged vessels to be worked at DPW during this period to reduce any negative impact on imports.

ACFS will be working closely with DPW and making every effort to move containers in a timely manner without interruption to our customers.


Thank you for being patient during this interruption to stevedoring services.






ACFS Port Logistics – Easter Weekend Operations 2016

Dear Valued Customers

Easter Weekend Operations 2016

The Port Botany Terminals will be working across the weekend making containers available for collection as per normal trading conditions.

Wharf storage will be charged where containers are not collected within free time, therefore the above is most important in an effort to reduce your costs.

Could you please ensure the above procedures are followed as we will need to book slots up to Monday 28th by Thursday this week. 

ACFS will be evacuating containers from the Terminals over the course of the long weekend to avoid wharf storage.

Thanking you for assisting during this holiday period and have a GREAT EASTER BREAK.




Dear Valued Customer,

In an effort to avoid financial penalties for untimely collection of imports and assist to manage container free time, please forward the below SOP to your operational staff.

Following the SOP will avoid unnecessary charges.

  1. Pre alerts detailing expected container numbers are forwarded no less than three days prior to vessels’ ETA. All pre alerts must also be sent to your account coordinator as well as
  • Please ensure this includes vessel/voyage, container number, terminal where available from, container delivery address details, weight, ISO and any specific delivery requirements or requests. Please note you must also clearly state set temperatures on reefer units, IMDG details for Hazardous containers including weather it has a Red or Green line status.

2. All Shipping Line EDO’s and container weight declaration must be sent to ACFS no later than 2 days prior to the vessels ETA. Failure to do this will mean there will be no assurance the subject containers will be collected within the free days. This is due to the 48 hour notice period for all terminal slots.

3. Slots for import containers will not be booked if the container is yet to be discharged or Customs HELD, should any container be requested for collection under either of these circumstances a NO SHOW fee will be passed onto yourself.

4. The Account coordinator will supply you with a transport planning report on a daily basis, from this a delivery schedule for the next day and night can be developed. These requests must be in by no later than 12pm daily for a next day or night delivery.

5. From 1pm ACFS prepares a ‘day plan’ for next day deliveries. Should there be any issues your account coordinator will advise of a plan to deliver these in the next available time frame.

Note; ACFS will not be liable for any Wharf storage or import container detention should the above not be followed.




Dear Valued Customer

In an effort to assist and manage your export requests more effectively, please forward the below SOP to your operational staff

Following the SOP will avoid any unnecessary charges

  1. All booking requests to be sent through to the export planner as well as
  • This must include the following information: customer reference, release number, empty park, delivery address, vessel name/voyage, shipping line, container size/type, cargo type, trailer type and date/time of delivery
  1. All bookings must be made by 2pm daily and a minimum 48 hours prior to required delivery/packing on site at customer
  • If booking is received after 2pm, it will be processed next business day and delivery will be available 48 hours from time of processing
  • Once booking is received by ACFS, this is confirmation that ACFS can arrange collection of the empty container/s
  1. ACFS will not accept bookings made on same date as cut off for standard live load or drop trailer. To allow for ample time for your container to meet the intended vessel, please adhere to the following guidelines
  • If a vessel cuts off at 6am, please ensure container is returned to ACFS yard at least two (2) business days prior to cut off time
  • If a vessel cuts off at 2pm, please ensure the container is returned to ACFS yard at least one (1) business day prior to cut off time
  • If a vessel cuts off at 10pm, please ensure the container is returned to ACFS yard at least one (1) business day prior to cut off time
  1. ACFS do not carry out cleanliness checks
  • If this is required, this must be made with the shipping line at time of SLI (shipping line instruction) ACFS can in no way be held responsible for the state of the container
  1. ACFS can supply bolt seals and hazardous placards. If required, this request must be specified within the booking
  • Bolt seal can be provided at a cost of $12.50 each
  • Hazardous placards can be provided at a cost of $10.00 each (4 placards are required per class of hazardous material
  1. ACFS have 1 powered reefer trailer available for an additional cost of $150.00. if required, this must be specified at time of booking
  • ACFS can only accept one booking per day for this trailer. Confirmation will be sent by the export planner if the trailer is available

NOTE: ACFS will not be liable for any additional charges should the above SOP not be followed.







Through the Christmas/ New Year season our trading hours will be as follows:-

THURSDAY 24 DECEMBER 2015 – Normal Trading Hours




THURSDAY 31 December 2015 – Normal Trading Hours


ACFS would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout 2015 and we wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. We look forward to working with you again in 2016